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Your Paragliding and Powered paragliding adventure starts with us - and a portable aircraft that fits into the boot of your car.  Fly in style and become a member of our exclusive tribe at our well situated sport field on the picturesque banks of the Hartbeespoort Dam, where sunrise and sunset flights can be enjoyed together with hot air balloons and microlights.  Become an explorer of the sky and experience flying with us.  We will guide you to the clouds where you can experience pure aviation paradise at a fraction of the cost of an aircraft.

Skywalk offers you an adventure, an escape from everyday life. You will build friendships, mix with people who share your love for flying and you will see the world and enjoy the outdoors from a different perspective, and live your dream...

We have the best situated training and flying site in the Gauteng/North West area. We can offer you unlimited flying hours as this is one of the few schools in Gauteng which offers a choice of paragliding (both mountain & winch launching) and powered paragliding (paramotoring) all in one place. We have winch facilities and a mountain site at our doorstep - you don't need to drive anywhere else to be accommodated. 


Everybody can offer you training in paragliding & powered paragliding. But..., do you want to be trained to fly or do you want to live out your passion for flying?  For us paragliding is a passion... and we want to share it with you! At Skywalk you will be trained by one of the best. Chief Instructor Ronnie Beukes has earned his national colours in PPG and was a member of the team that represented South Africa in the PPG World Championships, hosted by Spain, in 2012. He is one of a handful instructors in South Africa who is licensed to train all the paragliding disciplines.

Ronnie: “We watch an experienced pilot launch effortlessly and think it is as simple as he/she makes it look. It's easy not to take the sport, and the skills involved, seriously.  Paragliding has been part of my life since 1989 and I have observed many capable instructors using different techniques. I have seen what worked, or not, to develop a good skilled paragliding pilot. So we lead by example and the school adopted and improved on this recipe - that is why we are very successful in what we do and currently one of the largest schools in SA regarding paragliding and powered paragliding training.  

In a nutshell, my motivation is selfish - I want to preserve the sport by training as many people as I possibly can to enjoy the sport with me, well into retirement!!”

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Teaching friends to get airborne since 1990