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Documents to be submitted for Basic licence application

(NB: 2 full sets - original plus 1 full set of copies):

1. Training proficiency card

2. Practical Checklist

3. Theory Checklist

4. Licence application (RA 62-16) -

5. Medical fitness declaration -

6. Certified copy of logbook (flights 1 - 35)

7. Certified copy of ID

8. ID/passport photo x2 or jpg email

9. Written test (it is recommended that you also keep a copy)

-        PG Basic exam

OR download Paragliding Basic Licence Pack (Scroll to “General licence forms” - “Paragliding” - “Basic licence pack”)

     - PPG exam (if applicable):

     - PPC exam (if applicable) - Download Powered Paragliding - Powered Parachute Tests:

10. PPG/PPC: RT Course certificate and call sign

11. Payment confirmation of licence fee - currently R1460.00 (April 2018) 

      (Payable to SAHPA, Standard Bank, Branch 001155, Acc No. 202 489 280)

NB. If any of the above are left out, your licence application will be delayed.


General Licence Renewals, Exams & applications:


Admin costs:

Marking fee (Non-Club member):

    - Paragliding Basic Licence exam: R150.00 (Skywalk student pilot - N/C)

    - PPG exam pack: R250.00 (Skywalk student pilot - N/C)

    - PPC exam pack: R250.00 (Skywalk student pilot - N/C)

    - Sport Licence exam: R300.00

    - Tandem / Instructor exam: R450.00

Handing of application/renewal docs to SAHPA: R200.00

Prints (full set of copies if not provided / docs emailed): R3.00 per A4

Skills test / renewal sign-off:

    - Club member: FREE

    - Non-Club member: R300.00





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