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Paramania Reflex Wings

The perfect companion to your Parajet motor!

Here at Paramania, we strive to produce fun wings, which are a pleasure to fly whatever level of pilot you are. We are a team of passionate paramotorists who love the simplicity and beauty of the sport.

Some wing manufacturers, who without understanding the full relationship between wing and motor, are converting free flying wings into paramotoring wings. It was the same for hangliders; in the beginning people were using normal free flying, non-reinforced hangliders for power. Then along came specifically designed wings that took the sport into new highs.

Paramania challenges the boundaries of practical design, and produces just such wings. Our products are renowned for their extreme stability, giving pilots confidence yet retaining the dynamic feeling which makes paramotoring so enjoyable.


ITV Paragliders for Paratrikes:

Ever since the Astérion, the first wing designed specifically for paragliding, ITV have always been involved in the evolution of the sport, peppering its history with famous names and innovations: multicells, eliptical geometry, line technologies, V-ribs, diagonal reinforcements ... But ITV are not just about an impressive track record; we represent a passion for the wind, for gliding and for your pleasure.SNC develop, manufacture, export and distribute across our 50 shops,  high quality technical garments for all your favourite outdoor activities.

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