Skywalk Paragliding School

go play outside!

FREE Introduction day -  Why Pay?  Yes, it's free!!!

If you buy equipment from a dealer that provides thorough training, he's making a well-deserved profit. You can also buy inexpensive equipment over the internet but you'll pay for training. That’s fair and adds the benefit that, if you pay for training, there's an expectation of value. The single worst place to skimp is training. If a training program doesn't cover what's listed here, or if you don't fill out registration forms and have not been advised on the training syllabus, you're being short-changed. Otherwise, how do you know if the instructor is covering what's important?

Skywalk presents a free fun-filled training day on Saturdays (weather permitting). So before you spend money on something you are not sure you want to do, come and join us and see for yourself what it is all about.

Go play outside!!

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