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Apco Lift EZ

APCO Aviation is one of the world's biggest producers of paragliders, harnesses, parachute rescue systems and accessories and has been producing world-beating gliders for over twenty years. From paragliders like the high performance Extra, which still holds the World Distance Record, and the entry level Prima, a wing that has become a benchmark for many schools and instructors around the world, to the Mayday Emergency System which continues to save pilots on a regular basis.

The LIFT EZ is a completely new design that aims to fulfill the expectations of the most discriminating pilots. Different designs were tested during development to assess the best option.

A great all round paramotor wing - named LIFT EZ . (EZ is for "EASY" - Just because flying it is so damn easy!!) The LIFT EZ continues the legacy of LIFT - similar feel, trim speed and speed range, but there is difference.

  • significantly shorter take-off run
  • much slower take off speed
  • slower and flatter landing approach
  • better glide and lower fuel consumption
  • lighter, more coordinated handling
  • flatter turning, more agile wing

The LIFT EZ features the new, innovative tip steering system - "Wind Scoop System" or WSS ® dramatically improving handling of the wing and its turning ability
We believe we achieved the goal, creating the easiest to fly paramotor glider, without compromise!

 Design Features:

  • WSS® - Wind Scoop System more »
  • SRS® - APCO exclusive Stall Recovery System for built-in passive safety more »
  • HIT valve® equipped on leading edge, APCO unique feature for extra stability more »
  • L/E FLEXON battens® for improved launch, lighter weight, prolonged lifespan more »
  • Air Extreme Ball Bearing Pulleys more »
  • Diagonal rib structure
  • All metal parts Stainless Steel or Aluminium
  • Split A riser with built-in safe, huge speed range
  • APCO legendary double coated siliconised cloth - built to last
  • Butt holes
  • Heavy duty Superaramide ® lines
  • Swivels on brake handles
  • Integral built-in neodymium brake magnets
  • New color design - fresh and attractive
  • New 20 mm risers

WSS® , Flexon battens® , HIT Valves ® , SRS® are exclusive APCO innovations,
often imitated, never matched!!


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