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As members of the Paramaniacs Paragliding and Paramotor club, we have a formal structure within which we can participate and grow the sport we all so dearly love and enjoy.

For those of you out there who don’t have a clue what we are about, herewith just a bit of background info - The idea of our own club was conceived in June 2013 during a “Parawaiting” session on top of the mountain in Barberton. The aims of Paramaniacs are very simple. We are a group of enthusiasts who want to see our sport grow in a fun, yet safe and responsible manner. We strive for and encourage our members to actively promote all aspects of our sport. We want to live out our passion for our sport without neglecting our precious family members.

We offer a safe environment for PPG, PPC, winch and normal paragliding off our nearby ridge. We have a clean ablution facility, under cover recreation area as well as a play area for the kids and a braai area,where we can reminisce around a braai fire with a few cold lemonades after a day’s exciting flying….

Benefits of being a Paramaniac:

The Skywalk Adventure Park is your home away from home, where you are able to share the skies with co-Paramaniacs, being it a paragliding flight off the hill or a paramotor flight around the scenic Hartbeespoort Dam area.

Paramaniacs Club focuses on the social and fun elements of the sport. Mentorship is an important part of flying with other senior club members. As a club member you will be able to participate in frequent fun competitions, XC adventures, club fly-aways and of course the use of the facilities at our homebase. 

All pilots and paragliding enthusiasts who are in good standing with Skywalk and in possession of a valid RAASA licence and SAHPA membership are welcome to join the Paramaniacs Club.

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Paramaniacs Club invites occasional visitors to share the skies with us. 

Daily fee:

PG/PPG/PPC/PPT visitor: R100 per day

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