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Fly Products paramotors and paratrikes:

Value for money and endorsed by Skywalk: Fly Products has developed a complete line of paramotors and trikes for both paramotor and hang gliders. They offer a complete line of versatile and reliable products to aviation sport pilots. They display a large range of equipment and accessories that are tested and guaranteed. This product range includes emergency parachutes, propellers, flight instruments, protection helmets with headsets, flight gear, optional accessories for engines such as reductions, starters, centrifugal clutches, silencers, etc... 

Rider series models are especially designed to achieve the best balance between weight and structural durability. The radial arms of the outer hoop are in carbon to provide the highest resistance to bending. Removable harness and new 14 lt tank Fly Products. The One-size cage frame (diameter 140 cm) is available in a single or double hoop version. The hoops can contain either a 125cm propeller or a 130cm propeller, the latter is recommended for the double hoop version only. Our after-sales service combined with the long-term availability of spare parts are the cornerstones of 'Fly products' success. The continuous testing carried out by our team-pilot has contributed to further development of the Active Sport Comfort ASC system. 

We offer a choice of eight different paramotor engines for the perfect flying experience.

Featured Product: The Rider Thrust with Moster 185 engine

Fresh Breeze XCitor:

This two-seater not only sets standards, it was a model for many copies all around the world. It currently holds almost all records in its class. On national and international championships, it is always winning places. Its high wing loading, the powerful engine and the innovative control and trim system allow a wide application and speed range.


Completely computer developed:
Perfect ergonomics, heavy suspensions in front and back, generous space and a compact appearance have been taken into account from the outset.
Low lying, adjustable seats, low fuel tank and a hanging engine bring the center of gravity as far down as possible.

The wide wheelbase and large rear wheels bring an extreme tilt stability. This guarantees maximum safety at starts and landings. The economical 70-PS-Hirth-engine with digital engine management and digital injection (!) brings two 100-kg-pilots quickly into the air.

The new X Wing EVO


With only 28 square meters, it is very agile and dynamic, but above all: Maximum safe. The X-Wing Evo is the evolution of our popular and famous Xwing. This wing was especially developed for the trike and with its flexible suspension offers a never reached comfort in all situations.

The Flexible Suspension:
While starting, an optimal pull up of the wing is ensured by shortening the A-lines. In flight, the movement of the wing is not passes 1:1 to the trike. Innovative construction techniques and durable materials are used for the XWING EVO. A new designed leading edge with flexible plastic strips complete the super easy start behavior. The basic setting of the EVO is designed for high flight stability of all axes with precise curve handling.

The Pilot is able to adapt immediately the preciseness and smoothness of the wing. The roll damping is tuned perfectly. On landing, the EVO surprises with its simplicity. Through effective editing and processing techniques the Evo is more efficient than its predecessor in consumption.

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