Airfer Paramotor products:

Situated in the center of Spain, PPG Airfer is a factory with the latest technology, dedicated to various activities, all related to the world of paramotors.

Fly Products:

Fly Products has developed a complete line of paramotors and trikes for both paramotor and hang gliders. They offer a complete line of versatile and reliable products to aviation sport pilots. They display a large range of equipment and accessories that are tested and guaranteed. This product range includes emergency parachutes, propellers, flight instruments, protection helmets with headsets, flight gear, optional accessories for engines such as reductions, starters, centrifugal clutches, silencers, etc... 

Fresh Breeze:

Skywalk is currently the only school in South Africa where you can experience your first Xcitor training flights on the school's equipment, while waiting for your own brand new Xcitor to arrive after being ordered.

Have a look at the Flying Car:

Nirvana Paramotors:

Your gateway to one of the safest and most adventurous forms of aviation. Respected as a brand, tested in the field and proven by the Nirvana family of professional aviators – the entire range of Nirvana products will open up a new and exciting world of adventure aviation for you. Whether you are an aspiring pilot or a professional that will not settle for anything but the best.

Parajet Paramotors:

Parajet is committed to establish itself at the forefront of personal aviation and to enrich the lives of pilots around the world. Through its commitment to quality, innovation and customer needs; Parajet aim to build personal aircraft that evoke excitement and the ultimate sensation of freedom.

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